Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 on 10 (#3) | A Day in the Life of Rox 2013

For the past month, I've been playing catch up on EVERYTHING - all while attempting to play the role of Mom.  We've had basketball games, gym meets, concerts, presentations, clubs, practices, doctor's appointments, etc.  It doesn't look like the role of Mom will lessen anytime over the next two months.  This weekend I documented my monthly 10 on 10.  It was our outing to Ayv's gym meet on the 9th.  It seems meets are bi-weekly and sometimes weekly this time of year.

We had to make the hour and a half trek to Winterset, in Madison County, for her meet.  Since we left early in the morning, we allowed Ayden and Ayla to stay home and sleep in.  That left us with a small crew at the meet this time around...the three of us and my parents.

Once we were west of Des Moines, the scenery was more rolling with hills and valleys.  We also spied some interesting railroad tracks.

Ayvarie's first event was trampoline.  Since I took video of her actual competition passes, I snapped some pictures during practice.  I am always amazed that the kids have little fear of flipping in the air.

We had three hours between events.  Most meets, we stay on-site and just visit.  Since we were in a historical area of the state, and I had my camera with me, I was determined to face the crazy Iowa weather and indulge my sense of sight with some rural scenery.  Our first wildlife encounter was this rafter (group of turkeys).  We actually spied many rafters during the day.

One of the bridges we viewed was the Holliwell.  It was the second bridge we visited and the walk up to the entrance was mushy and wet.  There is only one bridge that visitors can drive through, and it is not this one.  One can drive over the Cedar bridge, which is actually a replica of the original since it was destroyed by arson.

This is the interior of the Holliwell.

The knots in the floor were interesting.

Many visitors have left their mark in the bridges.  Some words are sincere, some are not, but I was drawn the a few of the words left behind in this sampling.  Love!  Love!  Love!

After the route was complete, we headed back to the school for the second event of the day, double mini.  The athletes must have control and focus in order to safely perform.  Ayv ended up with 3rd on tramp, 2nd on double mini.  (She placed 1st on floor today!)   

With all of the muddy roads we took to visit the bridges, we stopped to wash the swagger wagon on the way home.  Even though it was still raining, it was not enough to rinse the car off.  My creative nerve was sparked by the way the light hit the water.  Here is what I captured.

Here's a bonus shot.  Manual focus - out of focus makes for some interesting shots as well.

Since this post is done in collaboration with a wonderful group of photographers, please visit Emily, Emskyrooney Photography, Massachusetts Photographer here to move through the circle and see what her day was like.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 on 10 (#2) | A Day in the Life of Rox 2013

This year is in full swing.  I missed the first 10 on 10 post of 2013, but I hope this one will make up for it!  Each year, Levi attends the NTCA annual meeting, which is a big deal for the industry he is in - telecommunications.  I have always traveled with him to these meetings as my annual escape from the cold, and just because I really enjoy being with him.  Crazy, I know.  Last year was the first escape with the kids  (to San Diego); this year, they joined us on Disney Grounds in Florida.  Our kiddos received a round trip ticket to Walt Disney World for Christmas, so we could play while Levi worked.  Fortunately, Levi was able to join us in the evenings after the meetings were over.

Here are some pictures from our first day of vacation.  After an early morning, leaving the house around 3:30 AM, we reached our destination shortly after 2 PM in warm and sunny Orlando.  Our evening was filled with Downtown Disney adventures.

We enjoyed watching this guy create Mickey with just a bit of water.

I requested that Ayden hang with Buzz as it was his favorite character when he was little.

I think the store was called Trend ( I will have to check)?  Either way, I thought this wall art inside the store was fabulous.

The family (minus the photographer) posed outside of Lego.

Here's another pose of Ayden with Buzz...but this time the Lego version.  I'm pretty sure Ayden was okay with skipping any more Buzz pics for the rest of the trip as he's been over Buzz for a while.  But, I will never forget how attached he was to him when he was a preschooler.

The kids were entertained by this live statue; I loved her costume!

This was a beautiful addition to Downtown Disney.  I don't remember seeing it the last time I was there.

We ended out night at Planet Hollywood for dinner; and barely could keep our eyes open.

I will have more Disney pics to post as these were only from the first day.

As always, be sure to follow the circle of photographers participating in this 10 on 10 adventure.  You can start with here with Gretchen Ceranic ~ This Little Life Photography.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 on 10 (#11) | A Day in the Life of Rox


Thanksgiving will be here in two weeks?  What?  I'm not ready for the constant cold temps, for the snow to fly, for the want to stay indoors all day.  Thankfully today was not a day that represented any of those days.  It was warm, and this morning the sun was bright.  To start my 10 on 10 this month, we let Rudy make his run through the yard before we kenneled him this morning.  Today was a full day.

I intended to get my license renewed this morning only to find out that this is the Driver's License Station's holiday.  I should have known with all of the flags waving in the air/wind (it was very windy).

I visited a coffee shop in downtown Ames before our first appointment.  A caramel latte added some much needed caffeine to my day.

We met up with my brother-in-law for lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  It's always great to hang out with him.  Who doesn't love peanuts (sorry to those with allergies)?

Ayv enjoyed the ribs.

Ayla had her usual - hotdog, no bun, and applesauce.  I have my "usuals", but not the same at every restaurant.  I guess Ayla likes to keep it simple.

On our way to the next stop, I snapped this.  The clouds were pretty today, but the surroundings reeked of winter.  The green by the gravel road won't be there much longer I'm afraid.

With Veterans Day tomorrow, I will mention that I am so thankful for all that our Veterans have selflessly sacrificed, and thankful that our military is still intact today for our protection.  I'm not sure the word grateful is even strong enough for what I feel.

Yesterday I made a Target run after work and found these amazing ties on the clearance rack.  I am in love!  They hold everything together securely.  My stands and umbrellas came through the door in one piece instead of many; I need more!

Tonight's scheduled event consisted of photographing the local firemen and first responders.  This is what I get when I ask for help from my "assistant".  It was my only test shot before the first responders and firemen stepped in front of my lens.  Lucky for me I captured this.  Ha!

As a reminder, this post is part of a collection of efforts by photographers across the nation, and some from around the world.  Each month, we dedicate a day to document our lives and share it with you.  I am so glad I am part of this group and that I make an effort to capture the little things (and big things) in my life.  Please be sure to visit the circle, starting with Ginger Haddock | Fernbird Photography | Casper, Wyoming Photographer.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 on 10 (#10) | A Day in the Life of Rox


Ahhh.  My monthly 10 on 10 in 10!  My documentation of life.  This month, I documented a day spent with my wonderful friend and supporter -  yes, Levi...but also, Christy - on her turf!  She lives on a quaint farm in Southeast Iowa, a good couple of hours+ from our house.

Lucky or not, a clover was found at the beginning of our visit.

The kids made themselves at home.  Since she and Andy (along with Ros) are Ayla's God-parents, it seemed appropriate.

This is a daily view for their family.  I was happy to take it in while there.

Our kids are close in age.  We have two daughters the same age, and two sons the same age.  The others fit together to make a sandwich of humor, intelligence, wit, sass and smiles.  I love all of these kids!

I think some of the kids (A1 & E1) were trying to adjust the growth ladder, while others thought it was funny.  I'm glad they humored me by allowing me to photograph them.

On the subject of kids, there are a variety of kids at the farm.  Some cried like babies...most just wanted some attention.  Sound familiar?

I love this image I snagged of Christy and our kids - although some are really no longer kids (aka full-grown goats).  Her sun-kissed hair is heavenly.

Ayv enjoyed her time on the farm.

Before we left, we had a brief visit to Shep's kennel.  Look at the 'ol guy.  It's good to see he's still holding down the fort.

Here's a bonus pic - a lovely backdrop we spied on our way down.  Even towns far away, I can't help but envision my next photo shoot.

As with my other 10 on 10 posts, they are all part of a commitment I made to a lovely group of photographers to post once a month.  Be sure to visit the rest of our circle.  Next in line is:  Denean Melcher Photography, Berks County Child and Family Photographer.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

5k Complete | Color Run Des Moines


It's checked off my list!  Be prepared for a long post - lots of snapshots!  The Color Run was a whole big bunch of fun.  This 5k was my reward for my Ease into 5k training, which started 10 weeks ago on July 28th.  It was a wonderful reward.  Did I run the entire thing?  No.  Did I intend to?  Yes.  Did I walk part of it because I could run no more?  Absolutely not.  Did I slow up to soak up color?  Absolutely.  Did I finish?  YES, YES, YES!  That feeling was amazing!

We all started the (untimed) race together.  Ayla and Levi darted off quickly.  I couldn't believe how excited Ayla was to participate - and to think I wanted her to stay with Grandma & Grandpa while the rest of us ran it.  Ayden took off and I didn't see him again until the race was finished.  Ayv finished the race along side me.  And best of all, I had a couple of friends who joined in the fun - even though we didn't end up running side-by-side.  The weather was a bit too cool, but not as cold as we've trained in.  The air isn't always warm at 5am.  Cool weather or not, it was a great beginning to the fall of 2012.

Here is our pre-race (clean) pic.  Dressed in layers and sunglasses (color-barriers), we were ready to go.

Here are my great friends and supporters - Jen, me, Rocky, and Heather.

Braids and fun earrings to make me feel like a star.  Ayv had green and blue ones to match.

With me was my biggest supporter in training and in happy we could do this together!

According to reports, we heard that this race was a record-breaking sellout with 30,000 participants between the 1:00 and 4:00 waves.  This is the view behind us - heading back to E 14th Street in Des Moines.

This is in front of us - waiting for the race to begin.  (There is part of a fellow C-N family ahead of us.)

I made Ayv stop for a photo op along the route while there was a break in the crowd.  You can see the blue color station on the bridge to the left, and the pink color station straight ahead.  We ran most of the time, but took our time getting through the color stations in hopes of getting doused with massive amounts of color.  I'm honestly surprised Ayv didn't try to roll through the stations.

Ayla held Levi's hand the entire way.  As we'd approach, she would decide they should run again - but it was more like a sprint.  Really.  Levi's long strides kept them both ahead of us.  I can't believe I let a 5-year-old (almost 6-year-old) beat me!  She was thrilled.

See her strides against Levi's?  Pretty sure she has a pulled groin today and is denying it.  :)

Here is our approach up the hill, nearing the end of the race.  There were a good amount of walkers and runners.  The wave that was released heading the opposite was was #20.  Yikes!  So many color runners!

And I finished!!!!

The following images were from the dance party at the end of the race.  Color was thrust into the air every 15 minutes by fellow color runners.  The kids were in search of purple powder, but were happy with any color they were able to soak up.

Ayv had the best glasses.  They were meant to be worn down when going through the plumes of color and raised when running so she could see again.

I told the kids that this was the only time they could throw things at each other and not get into trouble.

Color clouds.

I got dirty...and I didn't care.

My official race bib.

The finish.

We are geared up to do this again next year.  Thanks to my family and friends who joined me in training, words of encouragement, or participating in this event.  If you want to join our team, "Hue Make Me Happy", give me a shout!  I want to make team shirts for the next event!