Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 24 | Morning

In addition to my 10 on 10 group, I'm attempting to contribute to a Project 24 Challenge - a challenge to post every other week in 2012.  Thanks to Levi, our first challenge is complete.  The first challenge was "morning".  Our typical weekday mornings consist of me leaving the house before anyone else has stirred.  On rare occasions I catch the morning routine that follows.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't include sledding and snowboarding.  This morning was an exception, and likely due to a weekend morning.  With the first measurable snow remaining, the kids woke up and opted to bundle up in their snow gear and visit "the hill" - snowboards and sleds in tow.  Levi chose to go with and capture the moments, while I stayed behind to wrap up in a blanket with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.  Editing was on my morning agenda.

Here is what ensued...

I love that Ayv pulled out the Santa hat...and Ayla always looks adorable in her panda hat.  It was Ayla's first independent sledding adventure and she loved it!  Ayden and Ayv were excited just to get some "air".  It was a good morning for the kids.  And I will admit, it was a good morning for me, too.


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