Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 on 10 (#5) | A Day in the Life of Rox


**Newsflash:  Today is my Mom's 60th birthday!!!  Happy Birthday to the most supportive, caring, and patient Mom and Grandma!**

Another month has managed to sneak by.  It's time for my 10-on-10 (*plus one) post, and this time the theme is black and white.  Fortunately the day I documented (Tuesday, the 8th) was a fairly typical day.  I spent time at work (still part-time this week), at home (to rest), and at a track meet (trying to keep warm).

My shirt had this amazing pattern.  A flip of the wrist to hold the camera, and this is what I captured.

I'm met by Rudy when I arrive home from work.  This particular afternoon, along with most, he wanted to play with his "toy" - the only one he has managed to keep intact since he joined our family.

While in the vehicle (aka swagger wagon), I regularly notice the clouds - the beautiful clouds.  Tuesday the fluffy ones were rampant in the sky.

This lonely puff was not far from the dark cloud above, which likely was the cause of the sprinkles in the afternoon.  They were short-lived.

At the track meet, I caught Ayden's attention.

I waited patiently for the kids to cross the finish line.  I didn't realize how much I would enjoy watching track.

Ayla enjoyed her "straw" that she selected from the concession stand.

Ayden was the 3rd leg of the 4X200 in this meet.  In the upper left corner, the man standing there was my softball coach - from when I was roughly the age that Ayden currently is.  I'll always have respect for Telf.

The view through the windshield.  Tis the season for bug guts.

A page in a book I am reading.  It warms my heart to see signs of my sis.  I miss her.

*A bit of blogging before bed to finish up my 10-on-10!

Be sure to head on over to Katie's blog (Kate Suzanne Photography, Herber Springs Photographer, Little Rock Photographer) to see what she has been up to!


heidi said...

Happy b-day to yo' mama!!! :) Seriously, your shirt pic...really cool--all of these-really great compositions and conversion. :)

Ginger said...

I absolutely love the picture of Ayla. gorgeous!

Ginger said...

I absolutely love the picture of Ayla. gorgeous!

Lisa Tarplee said...

a Fun full day! I love the track pictures!

Non mi pare il caso said...

Great blacks & whites, n.7 is ah-mazing!

Non mi pare il caso said...

Great black&whites, n.7 is ah-mazing!

Nichole said...

Goooorgeous!! Love that one of Ayla. Your conversions rock.

Karenj said...

Beautiful Black & Whites!! The second cloud photo is amazing.

denean said...

hahaha- bug guts.. too funny! love your B&W and the second cloud pic - so cool!

Katie said...

Beautiful shot of your daughter! And the one of the track numbers is really cool. Would look great blown up for your son's wall. :) Love the cloud shots, too!