Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thirty-Seven by 37

December 23, 2010 changed my life. Forever. (Miss you Ros.) Since that day, I believed every moment here on earth should be cherished even more. Then, March 22nd hit me like a board to the face, and it was firmly engrained in me. I WILL appreciate every moment here on earth and never forget it! My mind and body have struggled with that belief for the past three months. It was a week ago that my head and body finally connected and my motivation to do better and be better began. My long-term goal is to enjoy all life has to offer, and to reach that goal, I must be a better person to myself and others, be a better mother, and be a better wife. I'm hoping I have many years ahead of me to do that! To begin my new journey through life, I started with a list of thirty-seven things to do before my 37th birthday.  Some are big, some are small, but all are goals.  And goals I want to accomplish. 

Thirty-Seven Things to Do Before My 37th Birthday
  1. Have a clean house! - This is a big one and I have honestly had little motivation to keep this one up since 12.23.10.  Never been the best housekeeper, but that is when it really fell apart.
  2. Create a piece of art. - This is for myself, no clients, no kids, no family, for myself.
  3. Fly a kite. - The simplicity of this activity is serene and good for the soul.
  4. Run a 5k. - Run = Complete. I created a team for The Color Run on October 6th in Des Moines (let me know if you want to join my team). Whether I run or walk it, I will complete it.
  5. Purge and keep what makes me happy. - This goes back to being good for my soul.
  6. Take a cooking class. - Cooking is not my thing (it was Ros's thing), so if I can learn more to make it enjoyable, that will surely benefit more than just me.
  7. Volunteer. - This one I knew I could conquer. Between Ragbrai and Zearing Days, I will have this checked off twice!
  8. Make an album of Ros and my kids. - Something I've been meaning to do for a while.
  9. Watch the stars. - Again something for my soul.
  10. Smile more. - This should be on everyone's to do list.
  11. Take my parents out to dinner. - This will be impromptu for sure!
  12. Go on a hike with the kids!
  13. Visit Christy in her vicinity. - Friendship is amazing!
  14. Pray more. - HE loves me.
  15. Make s'mores. - Outside with no microwave. :)
  16. Archery contest with the kids.
  17. Buy a lottery ticket. - Random.
  18. Refinish my table. - Family heirlooms are special to me. I will surely feel accomplished with this one.
  19. Eat dinner outside. - With fewer bugs this year, and as long as the heat subsides, this will be fantabulous!
  20. Pay off debt (except car and house). - This one will be checked off very, very soon. I can't wait!
  21. Walk with Rudy.
  22. Lose 20 pounds. - I'm on my way...down 4 so far.
  23. Visit an art museum. - Visual health, I'm pretty sure.
  24. Make making lunch a habit. - All for health (and cost is a huge benefit). I've been doing this consistently for three days now (don't laugh)...28 more days to go to make it a habit, right?
  25. Read a historical book. - Brain fuel.
  26. Paint the bathroom.
  27. Journal.
  28. Work in the yard. - For health and spirit.
  29. Meet Jen for lunch. - Again, friendship is amazing!
  30. Zumba!
  31. Make cookies for the neighbors. - I have wonderful neighbors, and they should be rewarded!
  32. Go to Ikea!
  33. Update weblog.
  34. Skip a rock. - I have never been able to do this. Ever.
  35. Breathe.
  36. Organize my spices. - This one got checked off last night!!!
  37. Carve a pumpkin. - October is my favorite month, and should be celebrated with a fall activity.
I'm opening the door to the next few months and can't wait to see what's in store!

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