Friday, August 10, 2012

10 on 10 (#8) | A Day in the Life of Rox

I'm excited to share another 10 on 10!  We've had a lot of activity since the 10th of last month.  One of our favored days and the start to a very busy few weeks was July 15th.  Levi, Ayden, and Ayvarie signed up for the 3D archery shoot in the Iowa Games;  Ayla and I decided we would tag along.  It was a hot day, but I was feeling better and couldn't pass up the opportunity to see how they would fare.  Instead of carrying a bow, I carried a camera and took in what nature had before us.

The stillness of the water made for great reflection shots.

Plants grew in interesting places.

The paths were clear.

Moss thrived.

Arrows were released.

Leaves searched for light.

Textures mingled.

It was a good experience for us all.  Lucky for Ayv, she took 1st!

After sweating in the heat, we headed for home to shower and return to Ames for Levi's 20th Class Reunion.  The car ride gave me a good hour to catch up on some reading.  (Since that day, I have taken up running like a best as I can.  I thank God for my health.)

At the reunion, we missed out on the potluck, but still managed to catch up with some classmates.

Some good friends opted to join us after the reunion for a meal at Hickory Park.

Bonus shot:  Ayla was a trooper trekking through the woods with me at the Iowa Games.  She held my coffee and water more than once so I could capture some photos.

Be sure to continue through our circle of 10 on 10 contributors.  Katie from Kate Suzanne Photography, Herber Springs Photographer/Little Rock Photographer is next.  We all love your feedback and hope you enjoy our project!


heidi said...

Looks like fun! Love the reflection!

denean said...

What a fun day! Your nature photos are just stunning!

Ginger said...

I love that first shot of the nesting serene. fun day!

JanM said...

So happy that you are able to share days like this with your family. Love the archery shot (your son?) and the moss. Your comments and images portray an ideal day.

Katie said...

Beautiful day and love how you captured the little natural details of the day. So pretty!