Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 on 10 (#9) | A Day in the Life of Rox

This month's 10 on 10 was a bit postponed.  I wanted to capture pictures on the 10th...they just didn't get posted on the 10th.  (Sorry Bloom girls.)  I spent four days in Kansas City with After Dark; it was quite an experience.

Before I headed out for the morning, I made sure everything was charged and ready to go.

We took a cab to get breakfast.  Yeah...I drove down, but the excitement of being at AD prohibited all brain cells from functioning and realizing I could get there without public transportation.  We intended to try Chez Elle, a creperie, with some other photographers, but it was closed.  Across the street was a great little bistro - Blue Bird Bistro.  I was able to have my favorite breakfast - steel cut oats with organic toppings...

...and locally roasted coffee, which was wonderful.

We opted to walk back the nearly one and a half miles back to the hotel, which is a great decision (by my emotions, but not my feet in new shoes).  We found some interesting backdrops along the way.

Back at AD, I visited the vendors.  The one most-frequented by me was Midwest Photo Exchange.  I finally invested in a RadioPopper transmitter and receiver, a monopod, gels for my flash, and this amazing strap from BlackRapid.  I have been wanting one for a while, and as soon as I tried on my friend's strap, I was hooked...and now my camera is.

We stayed at the Crown Center, which meant we were close to Union Station.  This is one view from there.

And this is a view going in to the restaurant for dinner.  Great food!

This was taken inside Union Station.  Later, I found out that it can cost $75 just to shoot in there.  Fortunately the security guards had no problem with us pulling out our cameras. 

It's fun photographing in another city.

Be sure to follow the circle and check out  Heidi Adams.


denean said...

Great photos Roxanne! What an amazing experience - cant wait to hear more about it! :)

Katie said...

Love the photos! Great detail shots. And it's fun to see images from another city. I've never been to Kansas City. Would love to hear more about After Dark. Love the images you caught on your walk back to the hotel! :)