Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 on 10 (#10) | A Day in the Life of Rox


Ahhh.  My monthly 10 on 10 in 10!  My documentation of life.  This month, I documented a day spent with my wonderful friend and supporter -  yes, Levi...but also, Christy - on her turf!  She lives on a quaint farm in Southeast Iowa, a good couple of hours+ from our house.

Lucky or not, a clover was found at the beginning of our visit.

The kids made themselves at home.  Since she and Andy (along with Ros) are Ayla's God-parents, it seemed appropriate.

This is a daily view for their family.  I was happy to take it in while there.

Our kids are close in age.  We have two daughters the same age, and two sons the same age.  The others fit together to make a sandwich of humor, intelligence, wit, sass and smiles.  I love all of these kids!

I think some of the kids (A1 & E1) were trying to adjust the growth ladder, while others thought it was funny.  I'm glad they humored me by allowing me to photograph them.

On the subject of kids, there are a variety of kids at the farm.  Some cried like babies...most just wanted some attention.  Sound familiar?

I love this image I snagged of Christy and our kids - although some are really no longer kids (aka full-grown goats).  Her sun-kissed hair is heavenly.

Ayv enjoyed her time on the farm.

Before we left, we had a brief visit to Shep's kennel.  Look at the 'ol guy.  It's good to see he's still holding down the fort.

Here's a bonus pic - a lovely backdrop we spied on our way down.  Even towns far away, I can't help but envision my next photo shoot.

As with my other 10 on 10 posts, they are all part of a commitment I made to a lovely group of photographers to post once a month.  Be sure to visit the rest of our circle.  Next in line is:  Denean Melcher Photography, Berks County Child and Family Photographer.



Katie said...

What a nice day! And I love the first image with the clover...just beautiful! I need to do more photos of our kids lined up with their friends like you did. They grow up so fast. And very cool backdrop in the last image. I'm always looking for spots to photograph!

jan said...

Wonderful to keep up with friends...something I need to take time for. Love your view of the day and I know what you mean about scouting locations...we're always on the lookout for light!