Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 on 10 (#11) | A Day in the Life of Rox


Thanksgiving will be here in two weeks?  What?  I'm not ready for the constant cold temps, for the snow to fly, for the want to stay indoors all day.  Thankfully today was not a day that represented any of those days.  It was warm, and this morning the sun was bright.  To start my 10 on 10 this month, we let Rudy make his run through the yard before we kenneled him this morning.  Today was a full day.

I intended to get my license renewed this morning only to find out that this is the Driver's License Station's holiday.  I should have known with all of the flags waving in the air/wind (it was very windy).

I visited a coffee shop in downtown Ames before our first appointment.  A caramel latte added some much needed caffeine to my day.

We met up with my brother-in-law for lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  It's always great to hang out with him.  Who doesn't love peanuts (sorry to those with allergies)?

Ayv enjoyed the ribs.

Ayla had her usual - hotdog, no bun, and applesauce.  I have my "usuals", but not the same at every restaurant.  I guess Ayla likes to keep it simple.

On our way to the next stop, I snapped this.  The clouds were pretty today, but the surroundings reeked of winter.  The green by the gravel road won't be there much longer I'm afraid.

With Veterans Day tomorrow, I will mention that I am so thankful for all that our Veterans have selflessly sacrificed, and thankful that our military is still intact today for our protection.  I'm not sure the word grateful is even strong enough for what I feel.

Yesterday I made a Target run after work and found these amazing ties on the clearance rack.  I am in love!  They hold everything together securely.  My stands and umbrellas came through the door in one piece instead of many; I need more!

Tonight's scheduled event consisted of photographing the local firemen and first responders.  This is what I get when I ask for help from my "assistant".  It was my only test shot before the first responders and firemen stepped in front of my lens.  Lucky for me I captured this.  Ha!

As a reminder, this post is part of a collection of efforts by photographers across the nation, and some from around the world.  Each month, we dedicate a day to document our lives and share it with you.  I am so glad I am part of this group and that I make an effort to capture the little things (and big things) in my life.  Please be sure to visit the circle, starting with Ginger Haddock | Fernbird Photography | Casper, Wyoming Photographer.  Enjoy!



Katie said...

Great day! Love the landscape images...beautiful! The sky is amazing!

Ginger said...

I have always wanted to get a dog and name him Rudy. Isn't that funny? Look like you had a busy day! nice captures!

Ginger said...

I have always wanted to get a dog and name him Rudy. Isn't that funny? Look like you had a busy day! nice captures!