Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 on 10 (#3) | A Day in the Life of Rox 2013

For the past month, I've been playing catch up on EVERYTHING - all while attempting to play the role of Mom.  We've had basketball games, gym meets, concerts, presentations, clubs, practices, doctor's appointments, etc.  It doesn't look like the role of Mom will lessen anytime over the next two months.  This weekend I documented my monthly 10 on 10.  It was our outing to Ayv's gym meet on the 9th.  It seems meets are bi-weekly and sometimes weekly this time of year.

We had to make the hour and a half trek to Winterset, in Madison County, for her meet.  Since we left early in the morning, we allowed Ayden and Ayla to stay home and sleep in.  That left us with a small crew at the meet this time around...the three of us and my parents.

Once we were west of Des Moines, the scenery was more rolling with hills and valleys.  We also spied some interesting railroad tracks.

Ayvarie's first event was trampoline.  Since I took video of her actual competition passes, I snapped some pictures during practice.  I am always amazed that the kids have little fear of flipping in the air.

We had three hours between events.  Most meets, we stay on-site and just visit.  Since we were in a historical area of the state, and I had my camera with me, I was determined to face the crazy Iowa weather and indulge my sense of sight with some rural scenery.  Our first wildlife encounter was this rafter (group of turkeys).  We actually spied many rafters during the day.

One of the bridges we viewed was the Holliwell.  It was the second bridge we visited and the walk up to the entrance was mushy and wet.  There is only one bridge that visitors can drive through, and it is not this one.  One can drive over the Cedar bridge, which is actually a replica of the original since it was destroyed by arson.

This is the interior of the Holliwell.

The knots in the floor were interesting.

Many visitors have left their mark in the bridges.  Some words are sincere, some are not, but I was drawn the a few of the words left behind in this sampling.  Love!  Love!  Love!

After the route was complete, we headed back to the school for the second event of the day, double mini.  The athletes must have control and focus in order to safely perform.  Ayv ended up with 3rd on tramp, 2nd on double mini.  (She placed 1st on floor today!)   

With all of the muddy roads we took to visit the bridges, we stopped to wash the swagger wagon on the way home.  Even though it was still raining, it was not enough to rinse the car off.  My creative nerve was sparked by the way the light hit the water.  Here is what I captured.

Here's a bonus shot.  Manual focus - out of focus makes for some interesting shots as well.

Since this post is done in collaboration with a wonderful group of photographers, please visit Emily, Emskyrooney Photography, Massachusetts Photographer here to move through the circle and see what her day was like.


Rachel said...

I'm so jealous!! I would love to visit that bridge! {One of my fav all time movies}. I love your detail shots and the last few with bokeh! You nailed it :)

Lisa said...

Is that the "famous" Madison County bridge? :-) Beautiful photos!

jan said...

These are lovely! I adore that bridge and seeing the scenery of the day. Congrats to your gymnast!

jan said...

These are lovely! I adore that bridge and seeing the scenery of the day. Congrats to your gymnast!

Katie said...

Love, love the bridge images! Like the others said, I love Bridges of Madison County and immediately thought of that when I saw these. Very cool water shots, too. Congrats to your daughter! I always wanted to be a gymnast. :)

Rox said...

Yes, the Holliwell bridge, which is pictured in this post was one in the movie. :)

Unknown said...

Love the bridge and the gymnastics shots!

gretchen said...

Wow....that bridge is amazing! I love the wood shot and the last few are fantastic!